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​A bit about our favorite little flower...

Native to Mexico and Central America, plumeria (commonly called Frangiapani, but also known as melia in Hawaiian) were propagated in tropical areas around the world. They were brought to Hawaii by German physician William Hillebrand in 1860. The Common Yellow variety quickly became a familiar feature in yards and cemeteries – because of their early association with cemeteries, plumeria were not initially used for lei. However, their bright white, pink and yellow blossoms, and distinct, soft scent made them irresistible; the negative associations were quickly shed.

In this months Makana, weʻre sharing a fragrant, plumeria soap made by Hawaiian Bath and Body in their facility at the historic Waialua Sugar Mill on Oahuʻs North Shore. Here, Hawaiian Kukui and Macadamia nut oils are blended with pure essential oils for a naturally luxurious bar.

oahu Beauty All Natural