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Not All Bananas Are Equal

The typical, long and starchy bananas in most grocery stores are Cavendish Bananas, grown in South America. While the Cavendish variety also grows in Hawaii, we locals prefer the Apple Banana variety. This petit and stout banana has a distinctly tart-apple aroma and sweeter flavor. They grow well in a wide variety of Hawaiian soils, as long as they at least 100 inches of rainfall distributed throughout the year, which is fairly easy to achieve in Hawaii. While plentiful here in Hawaii, Apple Bananas are still hard to find in many mainland markets. Which is why our Mainland ohana is always asking for these Dried Apple Bananas made by Kahala Fresh, who’s commitment to all-natural products ensure that you get all of the good potassium, fiber and vitamins C and A, without any preservatives or additives. Find these great treats in our Shop, 24/7!

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