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​The Mountain Apple

The cooler mauka areas and wetter sides of the islands give us a range of less conventional tropical fruits. One of our favorites is the Mountain Apple, also known as rose apple, or Malay apple, which betrays this fruit's Malaysian origins. Mountain apple trees, known in Hawaiian as Ohi’a ’ai, were thought to have been brought to Hawaii by early Polynesian settlers. Their pear-shaped fruit comes in a range of reds - from delicate blush-white, to a deep vermillion red. The thin, waxy skin gives way to a crisp, white and watery flesh, that is particularly refreshing when eaten trail-side in the middle of a hike.

Our friends at Monkey Pod Jams have worked with a few growers on Kauai to gather a steady supply of Mountain Apples, which get made into this delicious Mountain Apple Pepper Jelly. It's got just a little kick that makes it go well with both savory and sweet. In the holiday rush, we pair ours with a toasted bagel and cream cheese for an on-the-go meal.

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