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Valentine Makana

This month we brought you an old favorite and two brand new discoveries. Aloha Letterpress was one of the first partners we worked with at Hello Makana, and this month we have a pineapple aloha cards with some festive pink envelopes perfect for Valentine month or anytime you want to send some cheer. If you're still working on New Years resolution-inspired healthy living, this Honolulu Gourmet Foods dressing is going to give those salad greens an extra tangy kick. One of our new favorite finds is the natural line of skin and beauty products from Indigo Elixirs. The ingredient list on the Chocolate Body Balm tells you exactly where each botanical comes from. And, did we mention it's chocolate?!

Enjoy your Makana. If you're new to our site, you can sign up by March 10 to get next month's box of surprises.

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